The Wonder Years, I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral

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sockonthedick said: Hey you're a super babe and I hope you're really stoked on something today

Hey thanks ok and yes I am stoked because I bought bagels today and am going to eat those in the morning!!

Anonymous said: How much was your thigh tattoo?

I honestly can’t remember! It was my birthday present last year, and I want to say it was either $400 or $500? Sorry!!!!

hello there

Anonymous said: Hey appreciate yourself sometime this week

This was really kind and sweet, thank you.


New white French style furniture put in my bedroom today - kitten likes it very much

oh ya look what finally came in

I’ve become a slave to the emotions created from magical melodies

overzerothings said: Happy happy birthday to you to you to you!!!

Aw thank yaaaa!!

megarupie said: Happy birthday! :) I hope it's a good day!

Thank you so much!

danny-swims said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 😊🎉🎉

AW TYSM!!!!!!!!

It’s my birthday!